Progress Fitness and Progress Boot Camps have something to offer for everyone! We're a fitness facility that truly cares about you and your goals, and doing what we can to help you reach them. We work on building a sense of community that will help you feel like you're a part of a like-minded group that is all working on the same thing – making progress!


Progress Fitness is a 24-hour facility that has everything you need to make progress towards any fitness or health goal. With plenty of treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, a StairMaster, circuit weight training machines, free weights, a cable crossover, and various other fitness equipment, you'll have what you need to hit your goal. With 24-hour access, you can fit your workout into whatever crazy schedule you keep. Learn More »


Progress Boot Camps is a group fitness studio where we hold all of our boot camp and yoga classes. Our boot camp classes are built to use your body weight and light weights to help you burn a ton of calories as if you've done a lot of traditional cardio, and you get the added benefit of strength training as you do it. Think of the classes as "strength cardio." No matter what your goal is, these classes will help you reach it. Learn More »