Progress Fitness is a studio where we hold all of our group exercise classes such as boot camp and Spin. Our classes are built to use your body weight and light weights to help you burn a ton of calories as if you've done a lot of traditional cardio, and you get the added benefit of strength training as you do it. Think of the classes as "strength cardio." No matter what your goal may be, these classes can help you achieve it.

Auto-Bill Pricing:

$36/month for one class a week (4 classes a month)

$65/month for 2 classes a week (8 classes a month)

$85/month for 3 classes a week (12 classes a month)

$99/month for Unlimited classes each month

If you would prefer to buy class cards, see pricing below. Class cards expire one month from purchase if you choose the 1-12 denominations, and two months from purchase for the 16 & 20 denominations.

Class CARD prices

 1 CLASS$11.95 $11.00
 4 CLASS CARD$41.27$9.50
 8 CLASS CARD$82.54$9.50
 12 CLASS CARD$117.29$9.00
 16 CLASS CARD$152.04$8.75
 20 CLASS CARD$184.62$8.50
* includes tax

Class Schedule

All classes can be paid for in person with cash or by check. Drop-ins are always welcome but please try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, especially if it's your first time coming to one of our classes. Or, if you prefer to sign up and pay online, select "sign up" next to any of the classes on the calendar below. MUST register for SPIN ahead of time.  


Your first class is FREE to try. That goes for each instructor, so you could try one class for free from each instructor!  

Class Referral Program

We also offer a referral program. It is basically a "one for one" referral system. Once you are a paying customer, if you bring someone to try a class and they decide to buy some classes – whatever they buy – you get that much for free the following month. So if you buy four classes and bring a friend who ends up buying four classes, the following months you’d have four free classes coming to you. Work this deal right, and you could pay for some classes, then keep referring people and NEVER pay again!