New to working out? Need someone to hold you accountable? Want to get better results than you've been able to achieve on your own?  Need a new routine to change things up?  

Personal training is a great answer to any of these questions. Our knowledgeable personal trainers will help you reach whatever your personal fitness goal may be.  

We consider our client/trainer relationships to be more of a two person team – you and your trainer.  We care as much about your goals as much as you do... sometimes more! We'll create workouts that are designed to achieve your specific goal, share nutrition tips and offer advice every step along the way. We're here to help!  If you want a teammate to help you along your fitness journey, just let us know.

Personal Training

 HALF SESSION25 to 30 minutes $35.00
 WHOLE SESSION45 to 55 minutes$48.00
* plus tax

trainer delivery service // $75.00 per session

We also offer in-home personal training for people who would prefer a trainer to come to them!  You need to live within 15 miles of our Green Hills location for this service, but you DO NOT need to be a member of the gym to take advantage of this option.  These sessions are all 45-55 minutes long.